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Master of Fine Arts




Creative Writing and Environment

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Charissa Menefee


In a braided narrative, Of Green Stuff Woven follows Brigid Brenchley, the woman dean of an Episcopal cathedral as she faces the decision ofdecides whether or not to sell the church’s restored urban prairie to hotel developers. The protagonist’s spirituality is intimately tied to the creation, symbolized by the prairie. As the story unfolds, she witnesses the suffering caused by a flood event in their her city, and she becomes convinced that humans are agents in such climate crises. On the other hand, the cathedral building and its bank accounts are in shambles and the hotel money is a possible solution. The main character and the significance of her dilemma are is enriched by memoir-like chapters that weave across the novel’s main plot, revealing how the land and the grasses came to take on such meaning for this 21st-century cleric. The fragility of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem and the fragility of liberal Christianity are together probed in a this novel, that is nonetheless comic which concludes that, though. Though threatened, both prairie and a prayer life are portrayed as ultimately resilient.

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Cathleen Chittenden Bascom



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259 pages