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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design


Interior Design

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Fred C. Malven

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Lee W. Cagley


This study is an exploration into the relationship between on-campus coffee shop and Generation Y students informal learning behavior, in an attempt to better understand how an on-campus coffee shop enables students to better engage in informal learning activities. To explore this concept in depth, a quantitative investigation approach has been implemented to integrate the following aspects regarding informal learning café developments: zoning, environmental variables, food and drinks, power outlets, view nature, furniture comfort, workplace adjustments, seating options, study tools, storage space, and overall design.

This study consisted of three segments. The first segment is a literature review, a link is established that an on-campus coffee shop promotes social activities, which coincide with one of the most pronounced characteristics of Generation Y (social activity) Additionally, informal learning happens when social activities are engaged. The link among these three aspects leads to the conclusion that cafés are the best places for informal learning to take place. The second segment is observed using a survey to obtain information on users’ behavior, trends, issues, and demands when they are engaging in informal learning activities from two existing on-campus coffee shops. To holistically combine and balance all the findings to create an on-campus coffee shop that could best support Generation Y students informal learning activities. Future exploration of interior design implications to enhance an on-campus coffee shop and informal learning activities are discussed and clarify how the results of this study can be used in specific applications.

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