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Master of Science


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Computer Science

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Carl K. Chang


Software development decisions are made based on the information collected during the development process. Information delay is one of the major reasons that developers make wrong decisions. Slack time is important for development team to be creative and productive. Shortened information delay and properly allocated slack time can improve project performance. System dynamics modeling can provide insights at both macro and micro level. It includes quantitative representation, feedback and control system.

The development of the model was guided by hypothesis that employees make inappropriate decisions about work intensity because they receive inaccurate information about the project status. The effects of independent and dependent variables on the model have been analyzed separately.

The primary contribution of this research is to propose a strategy for organizations to handle the information delay and accelerate the availability of accurate information as simple as changing the behavior of the project. There is zero cost change through the process. All the changes can apply to a traditional model happen to be exactly the same change in Scrum.

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