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Master of Science


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Richard . Stone


Ever since its introduction at the 1896 Athens Olympics, artistic gymnastics has continued to evolve into the sport it is today. Over the years, the physical demands placed on the gymnast have increased as gymnasts continue to increase their skill level, difficulty, and intensity of training. Gymnastics equipment has continued to evolve with the sport with major improvement such as the spring floor, vaulting table, and protective matting since its creation in 1896. The present study aims to shift current research in the sport of gymnastics from optimizing the gymnast’s performance to identifying ways gymnastics equipment manufacturers can design better equipment. The study analyzes how the gymnast interacts with different vault boards by using qualitative and quantitative analysis methods related to human impact, performance, and product design and testing. It was identified that some aspects of a vault board design have a significant effect on the gymnast’s interaction between the vault board while some factors have no effect. In summary, this study determined that gymnasts do not change how they interact when using various types of vault boards.

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