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The purpose of this study was to define specific emotional intelligence competencies that relate to career success during early hospitality career stages. Convenience sampling with 662 online surveys resulted in 383 valid responses from participants who worked in three different supervisory positions at seven hotels in the USA and Caribbean islands. The data were collected using a web-based survey tool that measured the levels of eight emotional intelligence competencies as independent variables and four success factors as the dependent variables. Descriptive statistics, one-way between-subjects ANOVAs, t-tests, and multiple regressions with moderating variables defined the resulting models.

The findings of this study revealed that levels of emotional intelligence competencies differed according to the length of supervisory work experience. The success factors could be explained by individuals’ levels of emotional intelligence competencies. However, employment position, gender, hotel brand, or hotel location did not moderate the effect of emotional intelligence competencies on the success factors. The success factors of quality of life and wellbeing showed no significant difference amongst groups of employment positions and length of supervisory work experience. Thus, income levels and employment ranks did not affect how hotel professionals in supervisory positions felt about their wellbeing and quality of life. For participants with less than two years of supervisory work experience, only the emotional intelligence competency of intrinsic motivation explained each of the four success factors.

This study illustrates the importance and change of emotional intelligence during the earlier and later hospitality management career stages. The results serve as a guideline for hospitality school curricula development and the enhancement of human capital at hotels.

Keywords: Emotional intelligence competencies, subjective career success, hospitality management, turnover intentions.

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