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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering

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Yong . Guan


With the rapid development of science and technology, the mobile device is becoming more and more powerful. However, technology is a two-edged sword, mobile devices also bring security risks. Malware or ransomware is not just for PC, but also a big threat to mobile device security. Because of these malicious applications, the user’s mobile device may be locked, files may be encrypted, and even personal information can be exposed in danger. Therefore, more researches and analysis on currently popular ransomware are necessary. This paper is going to conclude the taxonomy of Android ransomware in terms of the types of trend of Android ransomware, the locking/unlocking techniques, and the password-generate techniques of Android ransomware. We also performed both statistic and dynamic analysis on three typical Android applications that carry ransomware, using reverse engineering approach. Furthermore, since there are a great number of ransomware that we found are packed by third-party packer companies, this paper will include two separate chapters talking about a few approaches on unpacking and recovery, to support our security experiments. Lastly, in order to support some dynamic experiments in our team, this paper is going to contribute a general approach with a simple example showing how to recover an unpacked app to make it run as normal.

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