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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Cyber Security

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Doug Jacobson


A problem with modern computing architecture is allocation of resources. When distributed systems are scaled, the workload is rarely shared amongst nodes efficiently. At an organizational level, there are even more allocation issues; workstations are typically oversized and underutilized. The extra capacity of these workstations could be utilized to assist servers with computing tasks. The underutilized resources can be redistributed towards server tasks in order to solve the modern problems of under sizing, redundancy and scalability.

My approach to this problem is to use a combination of modern methodologies and technologies to reallocate unused resources towards collaborative computing efforts. To do this, we can combine any number of devices into a resource pool to be used by those who need additional computing resources. To achieve this, I used a compiled language that reaches many platforms. My solution uses public key infrastructure to validate nodes and their computation results. To perform the computing, I used a cloud-first approach based on the FaaS model. Using these nodes in a distributed architecture, the computing can be allocated more effectively with built-in redundancy and scalability. This technology can ease computational shortcomings and reduce capital expenditures in organizations.


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Zachary Monaghan



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