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Doctor of Philosophy


Theses & dissertations (College of Business)


Business and Technology (Information Systems)

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Zhengrui Jiang


Today's businesses are adept at utilizing both self-driven diffusion of product information and paid online advertising to increase product sales typically comprised of both initial purchases and repeat purchases by consumers. This dissertation proposes empirical models for helping understand how diffusion of product information and online advertising affect consumer purchase decisions. Because of a lack of viable modeling options, I also have extended the seminal Bass Model to develop a sales growth model that can incorporate both initial and repeat purchases. Extensive empirical tests were conducted to assess the performance of the proposed models, with results that validate the proposed models and deliver some important practical insights.

More specifically, the dissertation includes three essays. Concentrating on sales of technological products, the first essay proposes an innovative product sales-growth model for estimating sales that include both initial purchases and subsequent repeat purchases. The second essay studies diffusion and continuation of consumer interests in a topic, such as information about a new product as reflected in consumers' first and subsequent online searches of the topic. The third essay discusses the influence on product sales of advertisements delivered through different digital marketing channels.

The three essays provide methodologies that can help businesses understand the dynamics of consumer interest in a new product, the effect of digital advertisement on product sales, and the rate at which potential adopters make initial and repeat product purchases, all helping them improve efficiency of their business operations and probability of market success.


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Aslan Lotfi



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