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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design


Interior Design

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Diane Al Shihabi


Introductory students in the discipline of interior design frequently experience challenges in understanding and implementing the creative process during the design ideation phase. As a result, this thesis asks, how distorted photography could be used by entry-level interior design students to produce inspirational images that help develop creativity in interior design ideation in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms. The purpose of the thesis is to develop a specific tool and process to guide students' developmental creative processes during ideation. The research tested a potential creative tool using photographic distortion techniques through an activity conducted in a sophomore-level interior design studio. The activity was divided into two parts: 1) workshop and 2) online survey. The workshop comprised three phases. Phase 1 encompassed photographic distortion of inspirational images using four distortion techniques. Phase 2 utilized distorted photographic images and elements and principles of design to inspire sketched concepts, which were organized into a creative matrix. Phase 3 applied concepts from the creative matrix to develop conceptual design proposals and to build three-dimensional study models. Faculty members from the Departments of Interior Design and Art and Visual Culture assessed and evaluated outcomes. Results show that the majority of students and evaluators agreed that the research activity is a helpful tool for facilitating creativity in entry-level interior design students during the ideation process.


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