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Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management


Hospitality Management

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Liang Tang


Park, Cater, and Abbott (2011) published a paper on Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, which has been widely used as a benchmark for ranking the research performance of the hospitality and tourism management (HTM) programs in the universities across the world. In the first decade of the millennium (2000-2009), the hospitality and tourism industry had developed vigorously, and research in this field had emerged rapidly (Park, Cater & Abbott, 2011). During that time period, many journal articles were contributed by universities such as Cornell and from countries such as United States (Park et al., 2011). Park et al. (2011) examined the geographic distribution of the most productive researchers contributing most to the top-tier hospitality and tourism journals. The result indicated that some countries were underrepresented such as France, Germany and Russia. And many of the research papers addressed the importance of Asia-Pacific region and particularly on China (Shen et al., 2018). At the end of the paper, the authors suggested that future studies apply the same method to review the trend of hospitality and tourism research again. This study aimed to fulfill this research goal. This study aimed to examine the current status of hospitality and tourism research during 2010-2019 with the same method provided by Park et al. (2011) and further compare the results to show the trends and changes between the two decades.


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