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With an increasing diabetes problem, foods that benefit our health are more important than ever. Whole peas, lentils, and other dry grain pulses yield lower postprandial glycemic responses in adults with type 2 diabetes. Additionally, pea and lentil flours are increasingly used in products to improve nutrition quality and functionality. However, the impact of pulse flours on blood glucose versus the whole form of the pulse requires more research. This 5x5 cross-over clinical trial seeks to address this research gap.

The glycemic effects of 5 treatment meals containing ½ cup whole pulse and dry weight equivalent of flour, or a Glucola control beverage, were tested in adults with type 2 diabetes. Venous blood samples were collected at baseline and at 30,60, 90, 120,150, and 180 minutes post-meal consumption and analyzed for glucose concentrations. Significant mean differences when comparing treatment, time, and treatment x time interactions were found, with whole pulses exhibiting better glycemic effects than the control treatment. Responses to pulse flour meals were not always significantly different from the control treatment, but usually different from the whole pulses.

There may be several explanations for this related to nutrition and physiological properties of the pulses. Future research should include investigating the mechanisms behind possible differences between pulses and pulse forms. There should be caution when incorporating pulse flours into products and claiming similar health benefits as whole pulses.


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