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Doctor of Philosophy


Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering


Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering Materials)

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Ashley Buss


Asphalt emulsions are a highly used but highly misunderstood material. With the increased focus on pavement preservation and rehabilitation, the demand for asphalt emulsions has increased. However, the knowledge of asphalt emulsions remains limited to the industry and is dispersed throughout literature in largely abstract concepts. Due to the large-scale use of emulsions, it is important that they are better understood so that local agencies and engineers can rely on a set of standardized guidelines pertaining to their use rather than rely purely on the manufacturer's dosage recommendations or based off trials in other locations and situations. The success of surface treatments and rehabilitation methods that employ asphalt emulsions rely heavily on the type of emulsion used, the type of aggregate it comes in contact with, the surrounding environmental conditions and the desired curing time. Different emulsions behave differently and every project must be analyzed as a different scenario while evaluating the correct type and dosage of emulsion, hence a thorough understanding of how emulsions work is crucial.

This paper aims to consolidate the scattered literature on asphalt emulsions into a single manuscript that can better help engineers make smart decisions when using this material in preservation treatments.


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