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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Visual Culture


Integrated Visual Arts

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Mitchell Squire


The Coronation is a case study exhibition about a Black man’s journey into understanding himself and his identity. The manner in which the thesis is written provides the author’s commentary on personal experiences and a window into his psyche and Black experience. The text lifts the veil on the complexities of the author’s struggles with identity within America. The Coronation is a companion piece to the exhibition. The Coronation and the art exhibition are both extremities of the author’s body. By using dialect common to the everyday experience it describes, the text provides the reader an otherwise uncommon and accessible window to the author’s psyche and specific Black experience and, relatedly, to his work. This is perhaps its greatest distinction from a conventional biography.

This work is heavily based on research of a Black man trying to figure out his identity within the scope of the world while attempting to carve his own lane. The author did not include explanations behind each individual work and what inspired them because it [choice] was his thesis. The figures are provided at the end of this document to provide a window into some of the creative work the author generated throughout the course of writing The Coronation. The thesis provides an illustration of a man’s journey to search for a definition of Blackness, ultimately finding there isn’t one. People who read this text should have the opportunity to fully access the story regardless of their educational level. If the story and the mistakes made by the author can deliver somebody from their own person hell, then the goal was accomplished. Thus, every successful accomplishment is deserving of a coronation.


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