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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

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Song-Charng Kong


The Iowa Army National Guard (IAARNG) is required to complete an Installation Energy and Water Master Plan (IEWP). Part of the IEWP is an analysis of their energy systems, actionable plans to reach energy use goals, and a method to evaluate the successfulness of these plans. This research presents and develops a method to identify key buildings for energy retrofits and provides a format to evaluate IAARNG’s efforts in energy consumption reduction.

Each building at IAARNG is categorized based on use. This categorization allows for the energy consumption of each building to be compared to similar buildings. In this research, four benchmarks are used to evaluate the energy use intensity (EUI) of each IAARNG building. These benchmarks compare each individual EUI to the Average IAARNG EUI of the same category, the median EUI of all buildings of the same category. The five priority levels are none, low, medium, high, and critical, and can be used to identify which buildings that energy retrofits will be the most effective on. This research uses the priority system to compare 2017 and 2019 energy consumption at IAARNG. From 2017 to 2019 the number of critical priority buildings increased from 50 to 63, the number of high priority buildings went down from 46 to 43 buildings, the number of medium priority buildings went down from 38 to 29, the number of low priority buildings went down from 36 to 42, and the number of none priority went down from 80 to 59 buildings. By performing the analysis each year, IAARNG is able to evaluate the effectiveness of their current efforts in reducing EUI. The analysis also identifies building that are performing poorly, which gives IAARNG direction and focus for future efforts.


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