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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Industrial Engineering

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Richard Stone


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone technology is developed these years maturely, and drone assists humans in various fields. Especially, it is a great solution for law-enforcement operations. Officers usually work individually or with a small group during the clearing operation, which may encounter uncertain events or surprising ambush from the hostile target and respond to the potential threat swiftly and appropriately.

An assistant drone can support law-enforcement officer has the potential to increase the safety and reduce the number of casualties by detecting and spotting hostile target in advance during the operation. Drone swarms (multiple UAVs) are more efficient than a single drone in the searching process, and swift clearing operation means less possible injuries. Hence, this study is aiming to find an effective and intuitive single operator interface for multiple swarm law-enforcement operations based on the previous study. In a simulated environment, this study reconducted single monitor single drone trails as the benchmark, and both single monitor swarm and multiple monitors swarm trailed are tested against each other and are assessed their effects on cognitive workload. The cooperation time and target identification are recorded, and officers completed a survey that included an adjusted NASA-TLX survey, modified SART survey, and informal interview questions in determining the optimal setting.

Although the result showed single monitor swarm is more complex and uncomfortable to use, the target identification result proved single monitor swarm is a stable and safe interface setting with a smoother operating pace. According to the informal interview, participants have no complains and are willing to work with drones in the future, but they suggest a mature and implemented drone technology in the future, so the drone or drone swarms can be a part of the puzzle of clearing operation in the future.


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