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Interior Design

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Lee Cagley


The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of adding a non-denominational meditation space to a mortuary and burial location. First, a comprehensive review of literature regarding meditation, meditation benefits, emotions associated with grief and bereavement, and combining meditation with negative emotions were made. The research includes a brief history of meditation and the holistic benefits that correlate with meditation. It includes research on how the death of a loved one can influence the brain. The research also includes how grief and overwhelming emotions affect the brain. An analysis of combining meditation and bereavement concludes the review of the literature. Second, there is a survey questionnaire to collect data for this study. The survey collected information on how individuals feel about attending a burial location and describing their visit. The survey collected information on how individuals feel about meditation and describing their emotions associated with it. The survey collected information from individuals on their thoughts, comments, and concerns on the effects of having an indoor non-denominational meditation space at the burial location that they frequent. The survey collected information from individuals who are a member of a mortuary team to ask if their business has a non-denominational meditation space or not, and their opinions on the benefits it may provide for users and the business.


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