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Doctor of Philosophy


Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management


Hospitality Management

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Eric Brown


Service is an important aspect of the hotel industry, especially to the customer (Large & König, 2009). However, more importantly, customer service starts internally with how employees perceive they are being served (Kang et al., 2002). Improving internal service quality (can improve the overall performance of an organization. Researchers state that internal service quality can be influenced by the organizational culture and the leadership within an organization. The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship between specific leadership behaviors as defined by Posner and Kouzes (1988) and the influence the defined behaviors have on the perception of organizational culture within a hotel, referred to as hospitality culture in this research, and internal service quality as perceived by hotel employees. The sample consisted of employees at a Western New York Management company with midscale and upper-midscale hotels. Three separate measurement tools were selected to comprise the questions for the survey: (a) the INTSERVQUAL, (b) the Hospitality Culture Scale, and (c) the Leadership Practices Inventory. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, and multiple regression to answer the five research questions and their corresponding hypotheses. The results of this study demonstrated that the hospitality culture and specific leadership behaviors model the way and inspired a shared vision influence how employees perceive how they are supported by their managers/supervisors. Implications of this study can assist managers in planning and development of internal service quality management and strategies.


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