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Master of Fine Arts




Creative Writing and Environment

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David Zimmerman


Erin Morgan is 35 years old and disabled by idiopathic pain. For the last 15 years, she’s played Twelve Kingdoms Online as a way to stay socially active, but now her disability is threatening even that. When ComTech Industries releases a new controller for TKO, she enters a contest to win one, but places dead last. Nina Inoue, the owner of ComTech Industries hires Erin to develop a new controller that would allow her to play using only her mind. Her new job moves her into the ComTech Mansion, where she trains with the current World Champion, works closely with the creators of TKO, and competes to become the next World Champion.Meanwhile, a Federal Agent maintains that Nina’s motives are nefarious and coerces Erin to probe for evidence for him. She is forced to choose between betraying the woman who has given her so much or the Agent who threatens to take it all away. Victoria Davis is a long-time student of martial arts and new to the world of TKO. She garners a following while she discovers the complex histories of the game. When she places 4th in the same contest, she decides it’s time to compete for the title of World Champion. When their competition comes to a head at a TKO tournament, the outcome will change Erin’s life. The Shadow Aberrant explores themes of disability, sexuality, (inter)dependency (both physical and mental), virtual existentialism, surrealism, verisimilitude, and the illusory. This is the first half of a larger novel, which is the first of many books in the Twelve Kingdoms saga.


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Jon Michael Galletley



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437 pages

Available for download on Saturday, January 07, 2023