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Master of Science


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Industrial and Agricultural Technology ; Agricultural Education

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John R Haughery


Care needs to be taken when creating learning objectives for a post-secondary manufacturing course in Industrial Technology to ensure students get the skills needed. Currently, most institutes teach different topics in their introductory and advanced manufacturing courses. With no guidance to follow, there is uncertainty in what should be taught in introductory and advanced manufacturing courses. This research uses a quantitative survey to investigate what the Iowa manufacturing companies identify as the most essential technical skills graduates need to know before entering the Iowa manufacturing workforce. Quality and continuous improvement was determined to be the most essential technical skill the Iowa manufacturing industry wants graduates to know before being hired. Additionally, knowledge of metals, plastics, and polymers were determined to be the most valuable materials to the Iowa manufacturing industry. The Iowa manufacturing industry’s needs data was then compared to what is already being taught in manufacturing courses in Industrial Technology programs accredited by the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). Fabrication was determined to be the most frequently taught topic in manufacturing courses in ATMAE accredited Industrial Technology programs. This research then identifies learning objectives for an advanced and an introductory manufacturing course by considering Iowa manufacturing industry’s needs and subjects currently being taught in ATMAE accredited Industrial Technology programs. Finally, this research uses the Industrial Technology curriculum with a manufacturing option at Iowa State University as a case study to investigate how these learning objectives can be implemented into a post-secondary program.


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