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Doctor of Philosophy


Agricultural Education and Studies


Agricultural Education ( Agricultural Extension Education)

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Gregory Miller


As the beef industry changes, Extension personnel are experiencing an increase of inquiries about alternative marketing and production for beef operations. The purpose of this dissertation research was to identify the needs to help create a new value-added beef Extension program. The objectives were to describe: (1) industry experts’ perceptions on beef producers’ challenges and competencies for a value-added Extension program; (2) beef producers’ perceptions of compatibility and complexity as well as their preferred Extension delivery methods; and (3) consumers’ perceptions for beef marketing and production. Results from objective one revealed that a new Extension program should include: (1) Business and Marketing; (2) Foundations of Value-added Production; (3) Foundations of Beef Production; and (4) Tools. The results from first objective enabled the construction of a new instrument to personalize a value-added beef Extension program, how to deliver the instrument and how to analyze the data. Results from the 3rd objective provided a description of the habits that beef consumers have in Iowa and what or why they purchase at certain locations. Overall, this dissertation research has provided information on the different aspects needed to create a new value-added beef Extension program.


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Sarah Al-Mazroa Smith



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