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Master of Fine Arts


Art and Design


Integrated Visual Arts

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Austin Stewart


Practices and rituals have always been a way for humans to discern and regard the world and their experiences. Taking the same paths to and from leave imprints, traces, and threads to places and environments. Collecting seemingly inconsequential, everyday objects turn benign artifacts of life into sacred relics. Repetitious prayer practices reveal new languages, motions, and open inner rooms that otherwise have been shut for decades.The purpose of this thesis is to explore the relationship between semiotics and faith in relation to language surrounding the human body to develop a narrative about restoration in contemporary Christian art between the artist and the public, using the artist's personal narrative as the foundation. It documents the various objects and materials the artist has encountered, how the solidifying lens of faith has impacted their meanings and usage, to examining the changing narratives and identities laid upon the artist and how that has impacted the meanings surrounding personal restoration. Yielding from different media (installation, printmaking, and performance), the artwork in the accompanying thesis exhibition displays a real-time demonstration of the healing and restoration process utilizing faith as its primary lens. The work progresses in clarity and foundation without the process being resolved, but accepted, submitting itself to the process of change and stepping into the roles set before them.


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Paige Elizabeth Holzbauer



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43 pages