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A section describing basic concepts of storage, grain conditioning, and drying is included at the beginning for those less familiar with grain storage. This is followed by a brief description of tools for cleaning before sections on major specific functional areas found in storage systems (i.e. bins, bin dryers, and stand alone dryers). A section on handling equipment, augers, and other conveyors is included adjacent to a safety section at the end. Augers and conveyors serve to connect grain receiving, drying, storage, and load-out areas. Readers unfamiliar with the concept of augers mentioned in storage and drying sections may want to review the section on handling equipment first. Terms and phrases used for storage and handling equipment are described as they come up within these different sections. Although it has been attempted to eliminate technical jargon, readers may want to refer to the appropriate section to review unfamiliar terms. Safety information is included as appropriate within each section as well as at the end.

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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach


Ames, IA


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Center for Crops Utilization Reserach, Crops, Equipment and Machinery


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Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: Storage Equipment Inspection Training Manual