Iowa 4-H Swine Verification Form (Unit=Pkg of 15)


Iowa 4-H Swine Verification Form (Unit=Pkg of 15)


4H 0106F


Mike Anderson


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I (we) hereby make application to nominate/verify the below described animals to be eligible to enter at Iowa State Fair and/or interstate shows. As a condition of entry, I (we) agree to abide by the rules and regulations on the reverse of this form and as published in the Premium Book. I (we) understand it is my (our) responsibility to be familiar with the rules and regulations, and specifically those relating to the rules on ownership, liability, drug testing, and the USDA Wholesome Meat Act. I (we) agree to immediately submit any animal entered to inspection, at any reasonable time, by a veterinarian or other expert appointed by 4- H, and agree to have such animal submitted to any tests as may be designated and requested by the veterinarian or expert. I understand that the animals I exhibit at 4-H shows including the Iowa State Fair 4-H Show, during the project year shall be among those listed and described below


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Iowa 4-H Swine Verification Form (Unit=Pkg of 15)