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About the Digital Repository

What is the Iowa State University Digital Repository?

The Iowa State University Digital Repository is Iowa State’s open access, full-text institutional repository. The digital repository is a powerful tool to collect, manage, preserve and provide free, worldwide access to research and scholarship of Iowa State’s faculty, staff and students.


What are the benefits of sharing my work through the Iowa State University Digital Repository?

  • Open Access—Materials available in DR@ISU can be used by anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. This frees your scholarship from behind subscription pay walls and provides your work with an international platform.
  • Stability—Materials deposited in DR@ISU are given a stable, permanent URL. This means that when you link to your works in the repository, or when your colleagues cite your research, users will always be able to find it—no matter how many times you redesign your Web sites. 404 Errors will be a thing of the past.
  • Download Statistics—Digital Commons, our repository platforms, provides authors with a monthly e-mail indicating the number of times their works were downloaded in the preceding month. For authors with an account, we provide an Author Dashboard with detailed download information. In addition to citation counts, download counts provide authors with insight into the impact of their scholarship.
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    Digital Repository Policies

    Who can contribute to the Iowa State University Digital Repository?

    As an institutional repository, the Iowa State University Digital Repository accepts work created by current faculty, staff and students of Iowa State University. We also welcome contributions from emeriti faculty members.


    What types of materials can I add to the Iowa State University Digital Repository?

    Materials contributed to the Iowa State University Digital Repository should be scholarly in nature. Materials frequently deposited in the digital repository include journal articles (including manuscripts), book chapters, proceedings, extension publications, monographs, white papers and technical reports. Digital Repository staff members will assist in handling copyright clearance for published works. If authors would like unpublished works included in the repository, such as posters or papers presented at conferences, authors will need to submit those items to the Digital Repository along with citation information outlining when and where items were presented.


    Can materials be removed from the Iowa State University Digital Repository?

    The Iowa State University Digital Repository is intended to be a permanent record of scholarship produced at Iowa State University. Therefore, removing materials from the digital repository is highly discouraged. There may be times, however, when it is necessary for authors or repository administrators to remove or update content in the repository. Under most circumstances a citation to the removed content will remain. Authors wishing to remove or update their content should contact the repository administrator at

    Graduate theses and dissertations:All requests to remove graduate theses and dissertations must be approved by the Graduate College. Because theses and dissertations are completed as part of a degree program, and because Iowa State University promotes the public sharing of knowledge, the Graduate College will only approve the removal of theses and dissertations in rare, extenuating circumstances. We cannot remove any theses or dissertations without the Graduate College’s approval.


    Digital Repository Procedures

    How can I add materials to the Iowa State University Digital Repository?

    Adding your published scholarship to the Digital Repository is easy! All you need to do is send us a copy of your CV or a publication list, and staff in the Library’s Digital Scholarship & Initiatives Unit will take care of the rest: We'll check the copyright status of your article, which includes referencing your publishers' self-archiving policies or contacting your publisher for permission if needed, and upload a copy of your publication to the repository. {top}

    What about works I published before coming to Iowa State; can those be included in the Digital Repository?

    The Iowa State University Digital Repository is meant to serve as a showcase of scholarship produced by the faculty, students, and staff of Iowa State University. That being said, we understand the need and interest in sharing works published prior to your time at ISU. These items can be showcased on your SelectedWorks profile, which is a personalized website meant to highlight your scholarship. You can easily upload works and customize how they are displayed. We do recommend checking your publishing agreement or Sherpa/Romeo to ensure that you are sharing the appropriate version of your work. For more information about creating and managing your SelectedWorks profile, please contact the Digital Repository Specialist at