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Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm


The objective of this study was to evaluate the impacts of various cropping and nutrient management systems on crop production and nutrient loss via subsurface tile drainage. Comparisons include the impact of fall swine manure on corn only vs. manure on both corn and soybean in a corn-soybean rotation. The impact of corn stover removal on water quality also was evaluated. A third component of this study was to determine the potential effects of cereal rye as a cover crop to reduce nutrient losses to shallow ground water. This information will be used to develop appropriate manure and nutrient management practices for producers to minimize the water contamination potential and enhance the use of swine manure as an organic fertilizer. Previous progress reports have summarized crop yield, nitrate loss with drainage, and partial results for phosphorus (P) loss with drainage. This report summarizes P loss with drainage for the entire evaluation period.





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