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As marketing of fed cattle has evolved over the past few years, technologies that improve performance and lower cost with the least effect on carcass quality have become more important. One such technology is the intermediate dosage combination implant. These implants combine TBA and estrogen for additive growth response, but at a lower dosage that may reduce potential negative effects of combination implants on carcass quality. Intermediate dosage implants have been used to provide a more aggressive arrival implant for feedlot cattle, or a more conservative terminal implant depending on the goals of the manager. With the recent clearance of Synovex Choice for feedlot steers, the cattle feeder now has two options relative to intermediate dosage combination implants, Synovex Choice and Revalor IS. This study was designed to compare two practical implant combinations—Synovex Choice implanted initially and reimplanted, and Synovex S implanted initially and reimplanted with Revalor IS.

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