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The year 2001 proved to be another challenging year in south central Iowa. It was wetter and slightly cooler than normal (tables 1 and 2). After a colder than normal winter, April and May proved to be good for calving. May and June were very difficult months to get crops planted. Corn was planted either the last week in April or in mid-June. Soybeans were planted after June 10, mostly during the last week of June. Corn yields were average where stands were good. The overall farm average corn yield was 112 bushels/acre. Late in the season, acres intended for corn were planted to forage sorghum to be chopped for silage. Soybean yields would have been 30–35 bushels/acre had it not been for a late season hail storm that left 10 bushels/acre on the ground. Hay-making also was very difficult.

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