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The effects of swine gestation housing on sow and litter performance of two genotypes were evaluated at the Iowa State University Lauren Christian Swine Research and Demonstration Farm near Atlantic, IA. The gestation housing systems were 1) individual gestation crates in a mechanically ventilated, manure flush confinement building with a partially slatted floor (CRATE); 2) group pens in a naturally ventilated, curtain-sided, modified-open front building with a partially slatted floor, no bedding and a deep manure pit (MOF); and 3) group pens in deepbedded, naturally ventilated hoop structures (HOOP). The group-housed gilts were individually fed with either individual feed stalls (FS) or computerized electronic feeders (EF). Sows fed with the electronic feeders were given an initial training period the week after breeding during which time they learned to use the feeders. The two sow genotypes were Yorkshire x Landrace (WHITE sows) and 1/4 Hampshire x 1/2 Yorkshire x 1/4 Landrace (COLOR sows). The Yorkshire and Landrace breeding was similar in both genotypes. Duroc terminal boars were mated to all sows. Farrowing occurred weekly throughout the year. Cross fostering occurred across all sows.

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