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In December 2012, the AgEds/ Hort 465 course, that is taught in all three semesters (Spring, Summer, Fall) of the school year, completed its second year at the Iowa State University Horticulture Research Station. The ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, AgEds/Hort 465 course, which was introduced in Spring 2011, focuses on educating and training future growers in the management and operation of diversified horticultural enterprises on an Iowa farm situation.

As a capstone course, the syllabus is designed to provide an experiential learning environment for students to foster an appreciation of the business, production, and marketing complexities of a fruit and vegetable operation. The course is structured as a business and is managed through decisions made by students in four major areas: finance, operations, production, and marketing. Most financial, production, and marketing activities are done by the students enrolled in the course.

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