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RFR A1273

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Iowa State University personnel assessed fungicide and insecticide seed treatments at the ISU Southeast Research Farm (Crawfordsville). The experimental design was a randomized complete block with four replications. Asgrow AG3632 was planted on May 14, 2012. The control treatment was soybean seeds with no fungicide or insecticide applied as a seed treatment (untreated seed). Within each block there were four treatments that were also treated with foliar insecticide [Leverage 360 (2.8 oz/ac)] and fungicide [Headline (6 oz/ac)] on August 1, which was when soybeans were at the R3 growth stage. Upper canopy foliar disease was assessed on September 4 when soybeans were at the R5/R6 growth stage. No upper canopy foliar diseases were found above 1 percentseverity in 2012,so no analysis of foliar diseases was completed. Plots were harvested on October 8. Total seed weight/plot and moisture was measured, seed weight was adjusted to 13 percent moisture, and yield was calculated.

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