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An efficient utilization of beef manure nutrients is important to improve the sustainability of animal and crop production systems and avoid unnecessary use of energy and non-renewable resources. Manure phosphorus (P) management differs from inorganic fertilizers for several reasons. Manure is variable in P concentration. It has both organic and inorganic P forms. Also, manure handling is more difficult than corn fertilizer. Organic P forms may not be entirely or immediately available for plant uptake but may become available over time. There is uncertainty about the crop-availability of beef manure P, which is reflected by a wide range (60 to 100%) of estimated availability in Iowa (see ISU Extension publication PMR 1003). Therefore, a study was conducted at the ISU Northwest Research Farm, Sutherland, Iowa in 2012 and 2013 to assess the cropavailability of manure P from selected Iowa beef production systems.

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