Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm

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RFR A1074

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The United States Department of AgricultureAgricultural Research Service (USDA ARS) evaluated 5,412 experimental corn research plots at the Southeast Research Farm in 2010 representing three research projects within USDA ARS:

  1. Germplasm Enhancement of Maize (GEM). The objective of the GEM project is to increase the diversity of U.S. maize germplasm utilized by producers, global end-users, and consumers. The mission is accomplished though a collaborative effort between USDA-ARS and both public and private research scientists.
  2. Genetic Analysis of Selection Response in Maize Populations. The objective of this project is to develop more efficient strategies to increase maize production. The primary emphasis is on understanding the genetics of adaptation to high plant density.
  3. Breeding High-Quality Corn for LowInput and Organic Farming Systems. The primary objective of this project is to develop germplasm for low-input and organic farming systems through conventional breeding.

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