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The Northern Uniform Soybean Test is used to evaluate soybean varieties produced by several public breeding programs in the Northern portion of the United States and Canada. In 2009, five public breeding programs participated in the Northern Uniform Soybean Test (Maturity Group I). Public breeders are allowed to enter varieties in the Uniform Test in exchange for growing locations for the test. Material entered in the Uniform Test is generally from advanced stages of a breeding program. The Uniform Soybean Test is an efficient method for soybean breeders to get multiple location data in comparison to each individual program growing their own locations. It also produces useful information by comparing soybean lines from multiple programs and identifies lines from other states that produce well in northern Iowa. Results from these tests are used by breeders to select varieties with superior yield and/or disease resistance to continue advancement to variety release. These results are also used to demonstrate positive characteristics to growers and other interested parties.

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