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To identify grape cultivars adapted to Iowa, a cultivar by management system trial was established in 2002 at the Iowa State University (ISU) Horticulture Research Station (HRS) and the ISU Armstrong Research Farm (ARF) with a grant from the Leopold Center of Sustainable Agriculture. Fifteen cultivars, including 10 wine and five seedless table cultivars, are being evaluated under 1) a conventional management system that relies on herbicides for weed control and application of insecticides and fungicides on a regular basis; 2) an IPM/best management system that uses herbicides as needed and relies on monitoring to determine the need for insecticides and fungicides; and 3) an organicapproved system that relies on a straw mulch for weed control and use of organic-approved pest control strategies. In 2008, the management systems treatments were discontinued, but still influenced the results. This report summarizes the results for the 2008 growing season.

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