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Beans are noted for their beneficial effects on blood glucose for persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). However, little is known about dietitian attitudes and perceptions, self-efficacy, or counseling practices about beans in T2DM management. Through an online survey, the attitudes and perceptions dietitians have toward the role of beans in managing T2DM were examined. The practice intentions for advising T2DM clients about beans, perceived self-efficacy for counseling on general nutrition topics and specifically on beans, were evaluated. While the target population was dietitians, all persons on the Arizona Dietetic Association and the Arizona School Nutrition Association listservs received a direct email invitation for an online survey on foods and chronic disease. There was no mention of beans or pulses to reduce bias toward bean advocates. Of the 302 dietitian respondents, over 66% counseled clients with T2DM. Fewer clinical counseling dietitians recommended beans to control blood glucose (p = .041) or to increase fiber (p < .05), and more of them promoted beans as being the same as other carbohydrates (p = .002). Higher mean selfefficacy scores for general nutrition counseling were observed for T2DM counseling RDs (p < .001). Counseling dietitians in nonclinical settings had the highest bean selfefficacy score (p < .001). Findings suggest clinical counseling dietitians are aware of bean health benefits, but do not consistently suggest beans to improve nutrition for those with T2DM in contrast to dietitians who counsel in other settings.


This article is published as Winham, D.M., Nikl, R.R., Hutchins, A.M., Martin, R.L., Campbell, C.G., Dietitians vary by counseling status in bean promotion with type 2 diabetes clients: A pilot study. Food Science & Nutrition. 22 March 2020, DOI: 10.1002/fsn3.1578.

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