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Smart Science for Exploration and Mining

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Tenth Biennial SGA Meeting

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August 17-20, 2009


Townsville, Australia


The rare mineral rheniite (ReS2) has been found along with Re-rich molybdenite, Fe-Cu sulfides and oxides, in quartz veins crosscutting sericitic- and transitional sericitic-sodic/potassic altered granodioritetonalite porphyry of the Pagoni Rachi-Kirki prospect. The quartz-molybdenite-rheniite veins postdate an earlier mineralizing event, which introduced gold-chalcopyrite ±molybdenite in quartz- and magnetite veins associated with sodic/potassic-calcic alteration. A late, epithermalstyle, telluride-bearing stage, spatially related to carbonate-quartz veins with argillic alteration that contains minor amounts of Re-free molybdenite, overprints earlier mineralization and redistributes precious and base metals in the ore system. The structural analysis of Re-rich molybdenite crystals demonstrates that they crystallize in the 2H polytype and not in the 3R polytype as previously hypothesized. EMPA data indicate that rheniite is almost stoichiometric and that tellurides and electrum are the major carriers of Au and Ag in the deposit. Preliminary fluid inclusion studies of quartz in the rheniite-bearing veins indicate that rheniite (and molybdenite) likely precipitated at 350° to 400oC during phase separation. Alternatively, rheniite (and tellurides) may have formed directly from the vapor as sublimates.


This proceeding is published as Voudouris, P., Melfos, V., Spry, P. G., Bindi, L., Kartal, T., Arikas, K., Moritz, R., and Ortelli, M., 2009, A New Occurrence of Rheniite (ReS2) and Telluride Enrichment in the Pagoni Rachi-Kirki Porphyry-style Mo-Cu-Ag-Au Prospect, Northern Greece, in Williams, P.J., Oliver, N., and Rusk, B. (eds.) Smart Science for Exploration and Mining, Proceedings of the 10th Society of Geology Applied to Ore Deposits, Townsville, August 2009, p. 542-544. Posted with permission.

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Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits



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