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Proceedings of the Mid-Continent Transportation Symposium 2000

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Mid-Continent Transportation Symposium 2000

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May 15-16, 2000


Ames, Iowa


The deleterious effects of deicers on concrete pavements and bridges have concerned concrete researchers for several decades. The present study experimentally investigates the effects of different deicers on concrete deterioration. Laboratory simulations of environmental conditions (wet/dry and freeze/thaw cycling) were conducted on highway concrete samples with various deicer chemicals (NaCl, CaClv MgC12, calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) of 5 different Ca/Mg ratios, Ca-acetate, and Mg-acetate). Each deicer produced characteristic effects on the concrete samples by physically and chemically altering the dolomite coarse aggregate, the dolomite coarse aggregate-paste interface, and cement paste. Chloride solutions commonly promoted decalcification of paste and altered ettringite to chloroaluminate. Magnesium-bearing deicer solutions ( e.g., CMA, Mg-acetate and MgC12) caused severe paste deterioration by forming brucite and noncementitious magnesium silicate hydrate. For acetate solutions, the effects caused by Ca-acetate on concrete deterioration was much less severe than those caused by Mg-bearing acetates. For the experimental conditions utilized herein, NaCl solution was the least deleterious to the cement paste and aggregate.


This proceeding is published as Lee, H., Cody, A.M., Cody, R.D., and Spry, P.G., 2000, Effects of various deicer chemicals on pavement concrete deterioration. Mid-Continent Transportation Crossroads Symposium, Proceedings, Ames, Iowa, p. 151-155. Posted with permission.

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