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The purpose of this survey is to assess the diverse climate of graduate students’ experiences at ISU.

The retention and persistence of graduate students at ISU continues to be an ongoing topic of conversation within the graduate college and academic departments. Graduate students play an integral role in research and scholarship on campus and it is critical that the department and lab climate foster a positive environment for all graduate students at ISU. In an unhealthy climate, students are less likely to adjust academically and are less likely to develop a sense of belonging on the campus. Assessing campus climate and then taking action to create and sustain a healthy climate are essential steps to creating an environment that supports the fundamental mission of the university —teaching, research, and service. Addressing climate benefits all campus community members, not just historically underrepresented students, faculty and staff.

Our aims are to provide an outlet for graduate students to share their experiences within departments, bring awareness of climate issue, and equip faculty, staff and students with the skills and tools need to address current and future problems.

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