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In Spring 2016, the Graduate College surveyed all students seeking graduate and professional degrees about their experiences as students and the climate at ISU. A total of 999 students responded to the survey out of 4863 graduate/professional students, a response rate of 20.5%.

  • 35% of the graduate population reported negative experiences in their graduate program based on their personal characteristics. The most frequent types of negative experiences were based on gender (12%), race/ethnicity (10%), age (7%), and country of origin (6%).
  • 38% of students reported personally experiencing bias/harassment/discrimination in the form of verbally offensive comments. Minoritized populations reported the following higher rates of verbally offensive comments: 75% of transgender and gender non-conforming students, 56% of LGB students, and half of the students of color: 49% of students of color (74% of Black/African American students, 50% of Asian American students, 40% of Hispanic/Latino students).
  • 28% of students indicated feeling that their ideas/suggestions in an academic/research discussion were disregarded because of personal characteristics.
  • 13% reported feeling threatened verbally or physically. Minoritized populations and international students reported the following higher rates of feeling threatened; 40% of transgender and gender non-conforming students, 24% of women students, 19% of international students, and 19% of LGB students.

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