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Magic and witchcraft have been important components of almost every human culture throughout history, and continue to be so in the present day, both globally and in the West. These topics have attracted an enormous amount of scholarship, but publications are often scattered, and scholars working in one area rarely address research produced in others. These volumes bring together important representative publications spanning antiquity to the present day, and setting Western developments in a global context. Significant attention has been given to the major witch hunts of early modern Europe, because scholarship on early modern witchcraft has often driven the field. But other periods and regions are not neglected. Important theoretical issues are also addressed, such as the conceptual relationship between magic, science, and religion, and the role of gender in the perception (and persecution) of magical practices in many parts of the world.

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Cultural History | History of Gender | History of Religion | History of Science, Technology, and Medicine | Medieval History | Medieval Studies | Modern Literature | Technical and Professional Writing


The accepted Introduction for Magic and Witchcraft : Critical Concepts in Historical Studies, edited by Michael Bailey,is published as a 4 volume set, The Introduction for Volume I: Western Antiquity to Early Modern Witch Hunts, Volume II: The Early Modern and Modern Eras, Volume III: Global Contexts Introduction, Volume IV: Issues and Theoretical Approaches., London: Routledge, 2014. Posted with permission.

Magic and Witchcraft : Critical Concepts in Historical Studies