The Iowa Homemaker

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What is the most important time in a baby's life? Why mealtime of course. You don't agree with me? 'Well you surely wouldn't say bed time, for a baby sleeps most all the time, and you couldn't say playtime, for his play consists mostly in more or less uncertain and awkward experiments as to the purpose and use or certain fingers, toes, arms and legs which be finds attached to his soft little body. It is mealtime which may change a hungry restless bit of humanity into a contented baby, ready for his sleep or his play. It is mealtime which helps decide just how many more ounces those small scales are going to mark off next Sunday rooming when he is weighed and it is all his mealtimes together for the first year or so, which may decide just how healthy and happy a youngster he is "going to he a few years later.



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