The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Help Fight Goiter With Seaweed by Sarah Field, page 1

Let’s Talk Collegiate Styles by Jerry Martin, page 2

The Friendly House with White Pillars by Ila Woodburn, page 2

“Chicago – Hog Butcher” by Mary Morrison Beyer, page 3

Is Your Room an Adventure? by Margaret McDonough, page 3

Manicure That Precious Antique by Nora Workman, page 4

“Prep Dorm” Has Vivid History by Madge McGlade, page 4

4-H Club by Helen Melton, page 6

I Want to Be Beautiful! by A. Co-ed, page 6

State Association by Marcia E. Turner, page 8

Why Buy Baker’s Cakes? by Nellie Goethe, page 9

Editorial, page 11

Alumnae News by Dorothy B. Anderson, page 12

Who Wants a Hole-in-the-Wall? By Edith Graham et al, page 13



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