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Cannin' Demon Am Comin'

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"Dat cannin' demon am comin this even'. You all better come to de church." From house to house along the gray row of dwellings at the foot of a mountain the word passed along. When evenin' (called afternoon in the middle west) came, the colored women sauntered to their colored church with baskets of vegetables from their back yard gardens and waited for the "demon" to appear. No pagan offering to evil spirits, this! I was the "cannin' demon." (One of them had seen the word "demonstration" in my title abbreviated to "demon," hence the origin of "demon." The women had brought their vegetables to learn the marvelous process whereby food could be preserved without vinegar or "cannin' acid." When the shining jars of tomatoes and peaches were taken from the hot water bath, the meeting closed with many "Oh's!" and "Ah's," and another day in the mountains of southern West Virginia came to a close.



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