The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

A Serve-Yourself party, page 2

Your Own Greeting Cards, by Betty Blanco, page 3

Merry Christmas to a Bookworm, page 3

Something She can Wear, by Kay Hoffman, page 4

Add To Her Dressing Table, by Dorothy Fedderson, page 5

A Tiny Manger Scene, by Gay Starrak, page 6

Package Be Gay! by Ethelavis Hendriks, page 7

Everybody Makes Candy At Christmas, by Stella Mae Brinkman, page 8

Let It be a Tea, by Ruth Cook, page 9

Let Your Christmas Tree Express Itself, by Ruth Kunerth, page 10

A Man “Hec” Student? by Irene Jacobs, page 11

Need and Idea? by Vera Joyce Horswell, page 13

Give Her Silver, page 14

Come Out-of-Doors, by Betty Taylor, page 17



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