The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

What's New in Home Economics

Foods and Nutrition, page 6

Textiles and Clothing, page 7

Child Development; Education, page 8

Home Management; Family Relationship, page 9

Household Equipment, page 9

Easter Styles (including outline of style trends), page 4 and 5

April Events, Theater, Sports, Lectures, Exhibits Of Vocational Interest

Two Major Departments at Iowa State, page 10

Vacation Jobs, page 10

Tea Room Management, page 11

Tips for the Job Hunter, page 15


Home Economics Books, page 12

General Books, page 13

Dried Fruits for Spreads, page 16

Hat Etiquette, page 14

French Style Terms Explained, page 15

How I Do It-Student Inventions, page 17



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