The Iowa Homemaker

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You've been asked to make out a list of your hobbies often enough, and yet I'll be very much surprised if you haven't overlooked this one completely. Have you ever thought of letter writing as one of the fine arts? It is, really. If you have a reputation as a writer of clever letters, you have achieved at least a small degree of fame. Your letters are more of a clue to your personality than you may imagine, because if they are sincere they contain a part of your own self. They should have a distinctive flavor-and although they may be demure, racy or a bit on the sophisticated side, they are truly a part of you. A letter is a substitute for your presence. You wouldn't send your Grandmother to see your best friend for you, so don't send letters that are stilted and completely devoid of the small talk of amusing incidents and minor tragedies that make your days full and happy.



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