The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Billy Eats, Sleeps and Plays by Barbara Fischer, page 2

Foods for Gods from the Buffet by Helen Miller, page 3

Swing Into Spring! by Beth Johnson, page 4

Color Passports to Spring by Gaynold Carroll, page 5

Teachers Reveal Pets and Peeves by Peggy Schenk, page 6

Awearin’ the Green by Mildred Gauley, page 7

Table Shamrocks by Doris Ingle, page 7

What’s New in Home Economics, page 8

News in the Mail from Graduates by Faithe Danielson, page 10

Glad-irons Replace Sad-irons by Ida Ruth Younkin, page 11

Children Around the World by Mae Louise Buchanan, page 11

Behind Bright Jackets, page 12

Hopes in a Chest by Gwen Griffith, page 13

Spring Inventory by Gay Starrak, page 14

French Cookery Puzzles by Beth Cummings, page 16

Wear Polished Nails by Jane Helser, page 17



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