The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

A Royal Welcome by Genevieve Fisher, page 2

A Royal Honor for Iowa State by Mary Ellen Lynch, page 2

Hi, There! by Jane Helser, page 3

It’s Smart to Be Smart by Peggy Schenk, page 4

Eating My Way Abroad by Reuben Hall, page 5

Sally, Style Snoop by Beth Johnson and Ronnie Ronningen, page 6

My Latchstring Is Out by Alvina Iverson, page 8

Done With Dolls by Gaynold Carroll, page 9

Canning Cautions, page 9

From Corn-Fed to Fruit-Minded by Katheryn Ayres Proper, page 10

Alumnae Page, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, page 12

Spookie Doings by Harriet Knudson, page 14

October Dates, page 14

Rush News by Gay Starrak and Betty Grant, page 15

Behind Bright Jackets, page 16

Not All Lessons Come in Textbooks by Mary Louise Duthrie, page 18

Honoraries – The Fruits of Labor, page 21

An Eggy Tale, page 21

The School Bell Has a Different Ring by Leah Scott, page 22

Hay – Ka Choo – Fever by Jean Sigmond, page 24



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