The Iowa Homemaker

Table of Contents

Come to Veishea by Jane Helser, page 2

Miss 4-H at Iowa State by Alvina Iverson, page 3

Date Etiquette by Jim Butterworth, page 4

King and Queen for the Day by Ruth Kunerth, page 5

Dress Your Big Moments by Jo Betty, page 6

Foot Notes in Style by Gaynold Carroll, page 7

Shoe Care by Jean Reis, page 7

Diploma in Hand – A Job in Mind by Marie Larson, page 8

An Art to Packing by Ruth Hendrix, page 9

On Lemons and Things, page 9

Lively Leisure for Summer by Betty Shoemaker, page 10

Equipment Students Travel by Virginia Berry, page 11

What’s New in Home Economics, page 12

Behind Bright Jackets, page 15

Alumnae Make News by Faithe Danielson, page 16

Money Matters Little by Gaynold Carroll, page 17

Good Looking Plates Go to Dinner, page 18

Cherry Pie Chant by Peggy Schenk, page 18

Magic of this Modern Age by Beth Cummings, page 19

Punctuate Your Dinner With Appetizers by Jane Helser, page 20

Home Management in Africa by Mary Ellen Lynch, page 21

Cap and Gown Party by Charlotte Heffner, page 22

Tips for Troubles, page 23



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