The Iowa Homemaker

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Every fellow consciously or subconsciously has his own individual rating scale for girls, including hair, figure, complexion, but I notice feet. Perhaps that is because for four years I've watched big and little, blonde and brunette, tramp, swing, or waddle into stores to buy shoes. After all, the way the foot is shod has a lot to do with the way a woman walks and the way a woman walks can be one of the most impressive-or depressive mannerisms about her. When I think how important posture is to the personality- how important a firm, sure step is down the path of life I marvel at some of the frabjous choices girls make. Why is it a tall girl invariably buys low he:!ls for every occasion, sacrificing grace and carriage, and a short girl generally chooses a French spike for a sport suit almost to the point of bordering on the ridiculous? I don't know and never could figure out.



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